One of the very first posts I published on this blog, in 2007, was one I titled Glib self-promoters. It was my reaction to hearing the news that Michelle Rhee had just been named Chancellor of the District of Columbia Schools and to having hear her glibly promote herself on NPR.

Four years later I wrote an I-told-you-so post which I titled Rhee-visited.

And now we have among us a glib self-promoter who is Michelle Rhee writ large. She managed to glibly promote herself into the chief executive position of a large technology corporation, a position from which she was fired after a performance that was disastrous for everyone except herself (financially speaking). But while her self-promotion had managed to sway the company’s board of directors into appointing her (it seems that corporate boards, supposedly composed of hard-headed business people, are no less impressionable than school boards and the like), it did not do so with the people of the State of California when she tried to become their Senator.

Undeterred, she now seems to believe that her salesmanlike charms can get her the Presidency of the United States.

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