I got a comment!

To my surprise, I got a comment within two days of my first post!

Manuel Romero disagrees with my statement that Michelle Rhee has (as I wrote, based on what I heard on NPR) “absolutely no management experience.” He asks me to “note that Michelle Rhee did not join The New Teacher Project but rather founded the non-profit in 1997 and was the CEO until she recently left for DC.”

Since, as I wrote, I knew nothing about Ms. Rhee, I did a little rudimentary fact-checking. I found on Wikipedia that “Michelle Rhee is [sic] the founder and President of The New Teacher Project.” I followed the link to The New Teacher Project’s Web site and discovered the Michelle Rhee’s name is nowhere to be found. The page giving the history says simply that “The New Teacher Project was formed in 1997.” Has Michelle Rhee’s name been purged, Soviet style, from the organization’s history? (I know that the Soviets didn’t invent the practice — Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors did it too.)

On the page describing the Leadership Team, Ariela Rozman is listed as the CEO and Timothy Daly as the President, so that the two positions are distinct; either Wikipedia or Mr. Romero is mistaken.

The descriptions of the positions don’t make it clear what the CEO’s functions are, but the current holder “began her six-year tenure… as Vice President of Marketing,” a position that seems no longer to exist. It also seems that “TNTP’s largest business line and a growing staff of over 60 individuals” are under the supervision of the Vice President of Teaching Fellows Programs, a position that was also held by Ms. Rozman.

What the President does is manage “TNTP’s efforts to engage the wider educational community in teacher quality reforms, including recruitment, selection, training, and staffing rules.”

Neither the CEO’s nor the President’s position seems to involve the kind of management that even remotely resembles the supervision of thousands of unionized employees and scores of thousands. So, once again, I say: Good luck, DC!

5 Responses to “I got a comment!”

  1. andaluza Says:

    Hello, I arrived to your webpage by chance when trying to find out if there were some translation of Joan Manuel Serrat’s songs. I found yours were very good and I wanted to congratulate you. Also I was surprised that Serrat could be so well known outside Spain 🙂 thank you. However, in some of the songs you write that lyrics are by Serrat, for example in “Tu nombre me sabe a hierba”, which lyric is a poem of a great Spanish poet called Miguel Hernández.
    Serrat has two albums in which he sings Spanish poets, concretely Manuel Machado and Miguel Hernández (here you have a list of the songs: http://www.moragrega.com/serrat/letras/poetas.html). This albums were released in the end of 60s, beggining of 70s, which is a very important fact because Spain was still under the dictatorship and Hernández was censored , in fact he died in prison short after the end of the civil war.
    I thought maybe you would find the information interesting 🙂

  2. cobylubliner Says:

    I think you are mistaken about “Tu nombre me sabe a hierba”; all the references that I have seen list Serrat as the lyricist. I know about the songs that Serrat wrote to poems by Spanish poets, including “Para la libertad” by Miguel Hernández.

  3. andaluza Says:

    Yes, you are totally right :), the song was written by him. I made a mistake with the example! Maybe you find this link interesting: http://www.jmserrat.com/serrat/html/poetas.html, there is a list with all the poems he has converted into songs

  4. anon Says:

    The President position did not exist until Michelle Rhee left. When she was functioning as the CEO, she was responsible for all of the activities now encompassed by two seperate positions, including management. And her name was not “purged”. The website was updated when new leadership took over.

  5. cigrabbargora Says:

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